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About Blubee

Oscar G. Torres is the mind behind Blubee Media LLC, a Creative Director, technologist, entrepreneur, artist and innovative thinker. He holds a Masters of Professional Studies in Interactive Teleommunication (ITP) from NYU and a BFA in Graphic Design from SUNY Purchase College.

Oscar's focus is the intersection of technology and humans. He has been building interactive technology since 2003, including websites, apps, drones, user experiences, brand experiences and is known to help out with marketing, social media strategy, community building and advertising. Oscar is a team player and likes to collaborate to make the best possible product.

Blubee's Offerings

Blubee helps you get the most out of your business with creative thinking.

Creative Direction

The intersection where Art and Design meet Strategy and Business. Blubee makes your brand appealing to your target audience.

Branding & Identity

Your brand is the voice, personality and emotional essence of a company. The visual and symbolic system that represents your organization.

Traditional & Digital Media

Moving from broadcast to an interconnected world means that interactive media has become a necessity to engage customers.


There are a lot of new technologies and buzzwords flying around. Blubee cuts through the fluff and recommends the solutions that will allow your business to grow.


When Blubee tackles a new project, the focus is placed on three key components.


  • Market Sensibilities
  • Emotional Triggers
  • Visual Communication
  • Elegant Execution


  • End Goals/Bottom Line
  • Industry and Target Audience
  • Competitors
  • Metrics for Growth


  • Automation/Customization
  • Quality Assurance
  • Analytics to Measure Impact
  • Feedback


Selected work that shows the intersection of Technology, Design and Business.

  • All
  • Brand Identity
  • Interactive
  • Events
  • Innovation
  • Agency
Keen Home Brand
Miner Labs Inc. Brand Identity & App
Copacabana Añejo Rum Brand Identity & Web
The Pianocktail Innovation
Thaddeus O'Neil Web Design
Tanqueray Rangpur Web design and Development
Firebug Productions Identity, Event
Xhacks Coming Soon...
El Hackathon Coming Soon...
3Dioo - 3D Mobile System Coming Soon...
Crown Royal Coming Soon...
Sargento Coming Soon...
Hess Toy Trucks Coming Soon...

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