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Postanalog or Post-Analog

Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

So I have decided to start classifying a lot of the new art I see as Postanalog (Post-analog). It is the only way I can describe or categorize things like Art Robotica or projects such as Mortal Engine

Postanalog is similar to the term Postdigital but with a dramatic difference. Postanalog is art that embraces digital technology. This is that art that sees humanity and digital technology as symbiotic. It is when you see a natural element and an algorithmic digital element combine and for a new beautiful form.

Postanalog will revolutionize the world as we see it.

The Pianocktail on Vice’s VBS TV

Monday, August 31st, 2009

Check out the Pianocktail (spelled Pianoctail on the video) featured in’s coverage of ITP’s 2008 Winter Show

Art Robotica: Thesis Presentation!

Tuesday, May 5th, 2009

Art Robotica is a term used to describe the body of work created by the collaboration of “ArtBot” and artist. ArtBots are Autonomous Machines that paint or draw on a canvas, sheet of paper or a surface of some kind. Art Robotica reflects our new codependency and symbiotic relationship with machines. ArtBots are, in essence, collaborators rather than just new tools.

A presentation of Art Robotica was part of ITP Thesis Week 2009.
The thesis presentation was Tuesday May 5, 2009 at NYU’s ITP (721 Broadway, 4th floor)

Web Video Archive:

This is one of the paintings created so far:

“Girl” 2009, Acrylic on paper, 48″ x40″

To find out more about Art Robotica visit:

More Art Robotica:

Jackoon the Painting Machine

Thursday, May 1st, 2008

I decided to name my painting machine Jackoon which is a combination of the names Jackson from Jackson Pollock and Kooning for Willem de Kooning. I feel the name is appropate since they the made work similar to the work my machine is creating. The abstract, gestural, expressionism-like paintings are a result of the simple algorithm that makes Jaskoon paint.

I set up Jackoon in an installation at ITP; for the class Living Art. The installation consists of a firewire digital camera, the Jackoon circuit, a painting ring, a fixed MacBook Pro and Mr. Jackoon himself. I served as the assistant to Mr. Jackoon as he painted a magnificent piece called “The Creator” 2008.

This is a picture of the set up.

Jackoon the Painting Machine

Video Tracking System:


This is the artist and his work:


This is what Jackoon sees:


This is the resulting art by Jackoon:

painting by painting machine, Jackoon
“The Creator” 2008
Acrylic on Paper, 40″ x 70″

This is a video of what Jackoon sees:

This is a video of Jackoon painting:

Painting Machine; Gestural Compositions

Monday, April 28th, 2008

The painting machine is working! Although its a little sensitive right now and am working on the algorithm that will make it paint better (or more realistic I should say.) So far I am getting images like this:

Painting Machine, Update

Saturday, April 12th, 2008

The code is working. There will be two cameras; one pointing at the subject to be painted and the other will be tracking the movement of the mobile arm. The image below illustrates what the computer will be seeing. The white dot on my eyebrow is not a mistake. That is the illustration of the tracking software that will be analyzing the location of the moving arm and determine weather the arm should paint or not. If the computer sees that the location of the arm is over an area that should be painted black, it will send an impulse to the robotic arm allowing it to begin the painting.


I also worked on the mechanics of the arm that will be responsible for drawing. I am using two servo motors that allow for accurate movement. The mobil unit has a container for the paint and a paintbrush. The messy tape job is due to my quick prototyping theory. As it can be seen, the mechanics are working properly and the car is running around as planned. check out the two videos below.

Mobil unit roaming around:

Arm test:

Painting Machine Concept

Tuesday, April 8th, 2008

An other Project I will be working on is the development of a painting machine.

I will be making a little mobil unit that will travel around a canvas and paint the portrait of a person. The little mobil unit will be assisted by a computer which will be the eyes and brains running the mechanism.

This is a simple drawing of what I have in mind:

The mobil unit will have an arm with a paint brush that will be controlled with impulses that make servo motors turn in a precisely calculated manner.

The computer will be analyzing and two video feeds that will be used to track the subject being painted and the position of the mobil unit on the canvas. This is a screen shot of the beginning stages of the video tracking:


Stayed tuned for more on the painting machine.

New Processing Art

Friday, February 8th, 2008

These are two pieces done in processing that produce a gestural image. I will be showing these in the Drawing Machines class:

ITP Winter Show 2007 group portrait

Monday, December 31st, 2007

The ITP Winter Show 2007 concluded with a massive clean up, project breakdown and a group pictures of everyone involved in the exhibit.
Todd Holoubek took the role of photographer for this shot which was taken in various parts and then put together (I suspect) in Photoshop. I decided to add a little treatment to the final image. I could not resist but to re-draw every pixel of the image with an image of an LED. The result is a very gestural looking image full of LED goodness. Who in ITP would not love to be drawn by images of LEDs instead of pixels. See Oscar’s ICM Final Project to find out more about the process to make an image like this.

Original picture is 13,517 x 2420 pixels.
This is a copy of the image at 20% of the original:

ITP WInter Show 2007

A pice of the image at 100% size, you can see the LED image that makes up the main image:

pixle replacement image

ICM Final Project.

Tuesday, December 18th, 2007

Sound is an influential part of our state of mind and dramatically influences our mood. When I make paintings I always play some music, sometimes loud and sometimes soft. When I was coding my project for Dan O’Sullivan’s ICM finial, I decided to use only two variables to create some art work using code. One variable being the array of colors read from an image and the second being the sound at the time the art work was created.
I combined some of Daniel Shiffman’s Image explode code and sound code from Marius Watz and Krister Olsson The result is a group of images whose pixel arrangement is substituted by images.
you can download the code here: Wasp processing code.
Here are some screenshots:

Original images for code above:
wasp image

wasp image

Dead wasp

wasp 2

wasp 3





Marilyn Monroe


For more images visit