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Eyebeam’s FEEDBACK exhibit

Friday, March 14th, 2008

Last night was Eyebeam’s FEEDBACK exhibit on sustainability. There were many interesting projects by various artist like Rebecca Bray and Britta Riley’s DrinkPeeDrinkDrinkPee, Mouna Andraos, The Power Cart, Michael Mandiberg, The Real Costs and Jeff Feddersen, The Off-Grid Outlet just to name a few.

Jeff Feddersen also happens to teach my sustainable energy class at ITP, and I noticed that he was using the set up that I want to put together for my solar tree, so i took a few recognizance pictures =)

This is the solar charge controller and a battery set up which eventually will be powering the circuits of my tree.

In Jeff’s project, he is using a solar panel set up to charge the battery as seen below.

Its nice to have an image of a system set up. Its a good starting point since I have never worked with solar charge controllers.