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Live Streaming Video on the Web

Saturday, November 22nd, 2008

The dawn of do it your self live streaming is upon us. Although it may be video feeds of cute puppies sleeping and squirrels in Alaska feeding, is going to be the next YouTube.

Soon the link between cell phones and live streaming video will be made. When this crucial step occurs, there will be an explosion of ephemeral live video content streamed onto the web. Soon you will have the ability to see what you are friends are doing with out the weird feeling that you are invading their privacy. Why is it not an invasion of privacy? because they are voluntarily allowing the world to see what it is that they are doing. The concept is similar to flickr, facebook and twitter. You upload your video stream and people on the web or their cellphones watch. Okay so maybe it is a little freaky and awkward to see what people are doing with out them knowing that you are watching, but this is the new reality of our society and you can only expect this sousveillance trend to continue to grow. Its a soft form of voyeurism which gives a lot of curious people a reason to look at what others are doing.

Live TV : Ustream

Fabricating Disaster to gain Profit.

Wednesday, September 24th, 2008

I saw this interview of McCain by Meredith Viera on NBC the other day and was a little upset by the facts presented. Why are a handful of people getting wealthy while a couple of million are laid off. There should be a law making CEOs liable for their misjudgment. When leaders make mistakes they should be punished not rewarded. If a company grows and makes profit, bonuses are a good incentive. The concept of “Golden Parachutes” is skewed, and should be outlawed. Its pretty much encouraging people to make their companies go bankrupt if they have exhausted their benefits.

Luckily we have smart representatives like Marcy Kapture that can defend us from these issues. The problem is that there are more greedy CEOs than caring Representatives and Senators. And Majority Rules in our political system.

Basically the point is that we (the U.S. people) need to find out what is really going on inside corporations that hold assets that affect us directly. Some of these CEOs are no “George Baileys” and are our to make a buck at anyone expense.

We need to learn from Enron and start looking into these companies. The problem is that our own president is one of those selfish CEOs. Back in 1977 Bush started a company called Arbusto Energy that later merged to an other company called Spectrum 7. Whenever a company is sold or merged into an other company, the owners benefit from the sell/Merger in the form of shares or actual cash. In this case it was shares and Bush became the CEO of Spectrum 7/ Arbusto. Later a company by the name of Harken bought Arbusto/ Spectum 7 for a substantial amount. This purchase most likely not only increased Bush’s stock share but also his salary.

At the end of the day Bush cashed in and sold his shares, which is normal if you want to move go in a different direction professionally. The problem is that Harken Announced Substantial Losses shortly after bush sold his share. This was viewed as insider trading and was investigated by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Bush had enough strings to pull at that time that its plausible the investigation died in the bureaucracy of the system. Even after this mess he managed to make more than $14 million on the purchase and sell of the Texas Rangers franchise Baseball team, for which he only invested $600,000. These numbers are suspicious and definitely need to be looked at by a team of specialists hopefully not associated by the government, and make the information public.

And we definitely do not need a “tool” that cannot think for himself when it comes to the economy. We need someone that can think on their feet, someone who can make a rational decision by having a dialogue with the experts, not an a tutorial session. This is why McCain is not up to par with the role of president. If McCain gets the presidency, all of Bush’s mistakes and crooked business will be hidden for an other 4 years, potentially for ever if something is not done soon to expose all these financial twists and turns.

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Sky Gazer

Monday, April 28th, 2008


Sky Gazer is an installation whose purpose is to bring awareness to the surveillance trend around the world and an increase of a self-surveillance culture often called Sousveillance.

The installation consists of a sculptural character (“SkyGazer”) that is forever gazing at the sky (or ceiling if it’s indoors.) This is taking the meaning of Sousveillance literary which is watching from below or “inverse surveillance.”

Changing the perspective from which people are used to seeing themselves is a key goal of this project. Making the installation public gives people around the installation a good topic to start a conversation about surveillance.

The Public Installation of SkyGazer was a study to see what the public reaction was to sousveillance or the surveillance of public space for personal reasons. SkyGazer was placed underneath a surveillance camera in Washington Square Park, New York City. The placement of the installation was influenced by The Surveillance Camera Players. who view video surveillance as an opportunity perform a scripted play to entertain those who view the surveillance footage. In my case I viewed the surveillance camera as a medium to show, the people behind the camera, my beautiful sculpture.

skygazer surveillance


The footage collected by SkyGazer was not the greatest quality. The image is blurred by the plastic semi-sphere that was used for the eye. This effect captured an interesting esthetic which I plan to build upon, since it captures this gritty voyeuristic-like footage which I found very artistically inspiring.


I found the image of a girl looking into the camera very interesting. Her posture/ body language was one of curiosity and intrigue. I decided to use this image to make a couple of compositions by rendering the image with simple shapes replacing the pixels. This is the original image with lots of contrast added:


These are the compositions is inspired.

Trashy Slut:

Angry Girl:

Soft Porn:

New Star:

Sky Gazer update

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008

Sky Gazer will be a clay doll that will look up at you from the ground.
It will have a camera attached to its eye which will sent the video feed to a projector pointing to the ceiling.

I made sure that the body of the doll was hollow so that I can fit the video camera and the wiring.
This is what the doll looks like fully exposed:


This is what sky watcher will look like with out any clothes looking up at you:



More updates coming up.

Surveil your self.

Friday, April 4th, 2008

I will be putting together a project called Tommy the sky gazer… Or something along those lines. The installation will involve a doll about two feet tall, a video camera and a screen.

The concept is that Tommy (the doll) will be made so that his eyes are always looking up at whatever walks by him. The footage gathered from Tommy’s eyes (video camera) will be fed to a screen, 3-5 feet away from Tommy. The screen will be installed 3-4 feet from the ground (around waist height) and tilted in a way that is not visible to a viewer standing up right. The only way to see the screen is if the viewer bends over and positions them self in an angle to see the screen’s content. The positioning of the viewer will be such that, it is inevitable to bend over an obstruct Tommy’s gaze. The viewer then discovers that they are looking at their self and feel a little violated from seeing their own gluteus maximus with out their permission. The irony is that they will be the only ones able to view the footage due to space constraints.

An alternative idea to displaying the footage, which I find more exposing, is to project the video feed on to the ceiling. This projection will give people the perspective of the doll and will make the doll-video connection more apparent.

My personal curiosity of people’s actions and reactions triggered by self surveillance is something that I would like to explore. In a way its like putting a toddler or a pet in front of a mirror to see what their reaction will be, withe the difference that I can actually gather data by asking questions afterwards.