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The Price of Innovation and Sharing.

Friday, December 11th, 2009

Youtube Doubler

For a long time the business model of a lot of companies and individuals has been to come up with a great idea, then keep it to your self. This act of proprietary ownership of an idea is deprecated and will only take you so far in this new age of open-source and sharing.

It would not be as intimidating to compete against one group of individuals, but how about a whole town, maybe a city? Well the open-source movement is bigger. It is global.

So what should companies focus their attention on and where should they invest? The answer is, invest in people, invest in tools.

Lets take Youtube for example. They quickly became the worlds fastest growing entertainment(if you want to call it that) and broadcasting social venue and continue growing because they gave people the ability to play with their product for free! Now that they are the front runner, they are not about to let innovation slip in between their fingers. They are giving everyone more of what they want; entertainment and tools to make new things. It is a symbiotic relationship.

Since Youtube has allowed people to play with Youtube’s content. Artists and technologists have made innovation of their own. Examples of this includes which is a webpage where you can play a bunch of Youtube videos simultaneously.

The funny thing about this is that one of my friends had the idea to make this, not in the same manner but very close. I told him at the time that I was sure a hundred other people thought about the same thing and maybe a couple have already built it. And then I saw the proof that I was right. is around 90% similar to my friends idea, there are a couple of things missing but it there, published, functioning, doing its thing.

This phenomenon is good for Youtube. Its free marketing and advertising for them. So what can they do to get bigger and more profitable? Keep people watching, using experimenting. But that is not all, they also need to change, stay ahead of the curve by making new additions to their offerings.

Youtube Direct will have a major impact on society and the Surveillance/Sousveillance trends.

Now Youtube is also working on the 3D technology which will be a huge market one the polarized LED monitors hit the market. You will be able to see 3d content by browsing the web! The technology is here and about to hit the market.

If you don’t have the 3D Monitors yet, you can use old school 3D red/blue glasses or the good old, cross eyed method to view stereoscopic images!

Blue/Red 3D Video.

Stereoscopic Video.

To find these experimental videos on youtube all you need to do is search for the tag
of these tags:

here are other sample videos:

Fashion Camp at ITP

Saturday, September 12th, 2009

Today is the first gathering of Fashion Camp at ITP in 2009. There was a good turn out at the event, composed of designers, electronic geeks and people interested in fashion. This is definitely not at the level of Bryant Park yet. But this is going to get main stream sooner than later.

I went to a workshop titled “Soft Circuits” by Alicia Gibbs who got Bug Labs to sponsor some electronics to make a cool LED wearable circuit. This is the one I made with the help of Diana Eng:

This is a fish made by Becky Stern:

This is Becky Stern Talking about circuits:

This is an image of a fashion show of wearable technologies after lunch.

More info about ITP:

calendar of events:

Companies Stepping Up Their Flash!

Saturday, August 29th, 2009

I saw this web site while browsing around:

Where have I been, that I did not notice the dramatic growth in the Flash world!? oh yeah, grad school making robots, pianos and trees that generate electricity. Anyway, tiny companies all over the world are stepping up to the plate and making all these cool web sites. It reminds me of the late 90′s when everyone was making crazy HTML web sites! Like this web site: click on the “ENTER” word on every page.

The new generation of nerds like this company in japan
are looking to find the new cool frameworks and engines to create the new generic flash site. Its almost a trend. I guess that is what it takes to stay competitive in this new digital era. Thats the most effective way a small little studios can keep up with the Uber agencies of the world.

So anyway here are some samples of popular 3D flash engines that will help you be like the rest:

this web site used the Sandy 3d engine

there are other engines like sophie 3d and Away 3d just to name some.

this are some engines side to side, performance is best seen this way:

So there you go, and if you plan to make an other 3D site, please keep in mind that people get sick to a point of puking when navigating through these site. Hmmm, actually now that I think about it, that should be the goal of a web site; see how many people a web site can trigger people to barf their lunch away!

Croquet is the future world wide web?

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008

Is the future of web browsing as simple or complex as enabling user generated content to a concept similar to second life? (video below)

Croquet is an attempt at the concept of a 3D web browsing experience. It is creating a “metaverse” that is open source and free to join and contribute. This a video illustrating what the fuss is all about:

For more information about Croquet you can visit the Croquet Consortium. In a nutshell, Croquet is software generated using Squeak, which is built on top of Smalltalk. Since all of the content and building blocks are free and open source, expect to see more on this project in the near future.