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Postanalog or Post-Analog

Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

So I have decided to start classifying a lot of the new art I see as Postanalog (Post-analog). It is the only way I can describe or categorize things like Art Robotica or projects such as Mortal Engine

Postanalog is similar to the term Postdigital but with a dramatic difference. Postanalog is art that embraces digital technology. This is that art that sees humanity and digital technology as symbiotic. It is when you see a natural element and an algorithmic digital element combine and for a new beautiful form.

Postanalog will revolutionize the world as we see it.

Initial Thesis Concepts

Wednesday, February 18th, 2009

Solar Rail system for a train was a concept that I wanted to develop for thesis, but after thinking about the scope and time line of the project, it became cleat that I was being to ambitious. Getting a working prototype will require a little more time and research. The basic idea was to make a network of solar modules that collect energy onto giant capacitors or batteries or some other form of energy storage. The energy would remain stored until the train physically touched the module and began to drain the energy. The result will be a train that gets propelled by an impulse system. This is a rendering of a section of the rail:


An other idea I had was a little rover similar to the Mars Rovers that NASA used to explore Mars. The rovers I wanted to create would communicate with a wireless WIFI connection and be controlled remotely via a browser interface or mobile interface. The drawback from this idea is that there is a similar bot in existence called the rovio so this deterred me from going on this direction. These are the initial sketches:


The next idea I have in mind is to expand on the concept of a painting machine. Last year I made Jackoon the painting Robot. Since that project worked so well, I will be adding to it and making painting bots that are more flexible and can work together to make a painting. This is a quick sketch of the bot:


This is a rendering of what I think the bot will look like:


I will be writing more about the ArtBots soon, once I can wrap my head around what I really want out of these artists.

Networked Pong

Monday, February 16th, 2009


On assignment for Networked Objects was to make a control system for the pong game. The Game listens for TCP sockets and uses the data from the networked connection to have a multiplayer game.

We are using a WizNet Ethernet Module to make the connection to the Pong Server at ITP. The WizNet Module is connected to an Arduino microcontroller with a WizNet Shield. The Arduino essentially becomes a mini-server that sends information to the pong game which then becomes a competitive, all out battle to win.

Two Important things to keep in mind:

1. WizNet Modules do not come with a MAC address so one needs to be fabricated(at random) or taken from a broken Ethernet card. The hexadecimal number usually looks like this 02:AA:BB:CC:11:22

2. WizNet Modules need an IP address assigned to them. This will be the trickiest step if you don’t know how to set up your own (which should not be that hard). The IP adress for your Module is generally a variation of the IP address of your router. In other words, if your router’s IP adress is then you can guess that an available IP address for your module could be or

Once you have these two numbers you can use the Examples in Arduino 12 to make sure that the numbers are working before you use them for your own project. The examples are under the “Library-Ethernet” section which uses the Ethernet libraries.

This is my Photocell setup:


Basically what happens is that when you place your hand over the photocell the pong paddle goes to the left, if you move your hand away then the photocell the paddle stays still, if you take your hand away the paddle goes right.


This is ITP’s Net Objects Class Geeking it out!


this is a video of the controller:

Networked Pong from Oscar G. Torres on Vimeo

Interactive Shoe Sculpture

Monday, February 16th, 2009


I created this interactive sculpture which plays music (in this case I play ambient cricket sounds) when the potential energy shoe is transformed to kinetic energy. The force of a collision between the shoe and some wire mesh causes a switch to trigger the music to begin to play from a sound recorder/ player.

The sculpture was made with found objects and follows the footsteps of collage and re-use. Influence to this art piece include works viewed at the New Museum in 2008.

video of the installation:

Un-Monumental Shoe Sclulpture from Oscar G. Torres on Vimeo.