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Solar Tree Concept is catching on!

Thursday, August 28th, 2008

Vivien Muller came up with a tree design to harvest the sun just like my tree concept, Helios: The Power tree.

PhotonSynthese is a small little tree that can charge your gadgets just like the Helios. But thats about all it does. It is built of 52 mini PV solar cells, so it should get around a quarter of a watt of electricity.

This is a good wake up call to put the Helios production on high gear!
Here is the article that Mike Rosenthal sent me about the tree: Photosynthesis Solar Tree Concept Is the World’s Best Looking Solar Gadget Charger

Notes on the environment.

Monday, August 25th, 2008

I was hanging out in D.U.M.B.O. Brooklyn yesterday. While looking around for a place to seat in the grass, I found a four leaf clover. Now, It is believed that this is a sign of good luck in many cultures, which is fine. But what about a five leaf clover? what is that? I say that is a sign we F’d our environment; acid rain and pollution that is mutating the clovers. Below you will see a fine version of such a clover which I found at The Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University. The scary thing is that i keep finding four and five leaf clovers by chance.

On a positive note, on my way back home. I had a plastic bottle left over from my vitamin water. I was thinking to my self, would it not be nice to have public recycling cans on every corner of the street to help people recycle? As I was pondering on the effect of this I turned the corner of the street and guess what. My wish came true.

Now I wish all the earths problems would be solved with wishful thinking…

oh well.

No name bike locks.

Monday, August 25th, 2008


I bought two bike locks a couple of months back to protect my bike from evil thieves. One was a Kryptonite bike lock and the other was a no name lock. A week ago I tried opening the lock with the key and it would not open. After a few days of trying and trying, I gave up and decided to find a way to cut the cable; which I thought would be a hard task. I borrowed some bolt cutters from school in hopes it would do the trick. To my surprise, cutting the cable was like biting through a twizzler. And from that moment on I trusted cable chains no more.


“The non-Kryptonite locks cracked in seconds, but all methods failed on the New York Lock, even the monstrous bolt cutter, which ended up useless with large dents in its jaws.”
-kryptonite web site

I got a second cable for my bike but this time with out a lock since I use the Kryptonite lock with the cable as well as the Kryptonite chain. The cable I know is useless against thieves who really want to cut it. that’s why I only use the cable to secure my helmet and bike seat. Two things a bike thieve may not be worth the trouble of taking out his bolt cutters. But who knows, maybe my next post will be of my missing bike seat and helmet.


Love, Sex, Aids and Condoms.

Monday, August 25th, 2008

Logged into facebook and saw a really bad condom ad. This instantly triggered a memory to really cool TV ads I saw a few years back. Now that we have youtube, we can look back into the past. Why cartoons? because we are all children trapped in grown up bodies.

Girl Looking for love:

Boy looking for Love:

Gay Boy looking for love:

Beau Black, you have to listen to him.

Tuesday, August 19th, 2008

Ok, so maybe its because I made the illustrations for the album cover, but I totally dig the music. Maybe its the fact that I digged the music that I made the album art? Who knows the bottom line is that its a good album.

Beau Black, you have to listen to him.

Beau Black released his new album “Meant to be” and it rocks!
I love song number 5, “You Can’t Say Goodbye” from the album. There is something about the spacey sounds it has that I enjoy. Below you can see a rough video of Beau performing the song:

and you too can own the album from iTunes by clicking on the link above.

Helios Concept.

Wednesday, August 13th, 2008

Helios: The Power Tree

This is where I am with the Helios Power Tree concept; pretty pictures illustrating what I want to do.

Develop Willets Point?

Wednesday, August 13th, 2008


I was having a donut and coffee at Washington Sq. Park this morning and while looking at two little squirrels frolicking, I saw the people above walking around making a ruckus.

Maybe I’m an opportunist, but I loved to take my old car for repairs to Willets Point. I used to have a 1989 Ford Probe and it was my favorite car ever. It had awesome gas mileage, it was stick shift and it was not pretentious. It was just a little old american car to take me from point A to point B.

When my little car used to brake down or was in need of repair, I would tend not to take it to regular mechanic shops. I used to take my car to Willets point for repair. Why would I do such a thing you ask? Because it cheaper and faster.

Take my radiator for instance; while a regular mechanic shop would take at least 2 days and around $400 for a repair, Willets Point Shops would have my car ready in the matter of hours and for a mere $100 in labor and parts. How did they do this you say? well they take parts from broken down cars that are still good and sell them for a small percentage, they really just make their money off from the labor work they do. And why would my little car need a brand new radiator anyway? It doesn’t. The cost of taking the car to a regular shop would have been almost the cost of the car.

With that said, New York City’s economy and surrounding cities need placed like Willets Point for people who don’t need a brand new radiator, wheel/rims, windshield, random body part or some random car addition.

Willets Point Plan

Willets Point Info.

How Capital One Ruins People’s Lives.

Tuesday, August 12th, 2008

NO Capital One
What a Horror Story.

On a sunny day in early August, just as I am beginning to get psyched up for my last year at NYU. I get a letter in the mail1311 from HESC, which is the company that helps students get their money/ loans for school. The first thing that catches my eyes are the big bold letters in the middle of the page that read


this means that JP Morgan Chase which is the bank I applied with, will not give me a loan because the big bold line above appeared in my credit record. The letter contained the name of the Credit Reporting Company which the information was acquired from. Equifax as it turns out, has a really good online system to see the status of your credit. With-in a minute I realized that the negative credit came from my Capital One Credit Card. Soon after looking at my credit report on Equifax’s web site I called capital one to check on my account. Low and Behold, my account was cancelled!

My first goal when talking to Customer Service was getting an explanation to the reason why my account was cancelled. Talking to the Capital One Financial Corporation customer service was like pulling teeth. The first person I talked to had a really thick indian accent and I could barely understand anything he was saying. And I have a feeling that the person in the phone did not have the slightest idea of what I was trying to convey. Surprisingly the call was dropped and had to call again. The second time I called, after 5 min trying to navigate the touch-tone options I finally got an other customer service person. This time, as soon as they saw that my account was closed they transfered me to some specialist to open an other account, but that’s not what I wanted! All I wanted was an explanation to why my account had been cancelled. I was really frustrated and running low on patience, so I waited till the next day to call again.

The third call was a little bit more informative. As it turns out, back in February, I had payed my account in full so that I had a $0 valance left. The somewhere along the line After paying my valance in full, Capital One decided to charge me a $17 dollar interest fee which I never knew about because I stop getting invoices for some strange reason. Here I thought I was not getting invoices because I had a zero balance which I thought was a nice way to save trees; if there is no valance in an account, why send a bill. As it turns out, that was not true and 6 months later I have a really shitty credit score/ credit history, a cancelled credit card and no loans for Graduate School. All because of Capital One’s awful customer service. I have other credit cards and if I happen to forget to pay on time, they give me a curtsey call and remind me that my payment is due; Which is awesome!

Capital One Never called me, never sent a notice to let me know that my account was in trouble, did not have a collections agency try to contact me or make any sort of attempt to let me know that I owed them $17 Dollars. I would have payed that off in a second had I known, its only $17 bucks!

Apparently Capital One does not value their members/ card holders. It seems that they don’t give a rat’s ass if they ruin a person’s credit record for a measly couple of Dollars. This lack of value for their card holders has put Capital One in my Sh*t list. And I encourage you to get a new credit card if you have a Capital One Card.