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4 in 4 project 4: Blinking LEDs on book bag

Friday, January 16th, 2009

I always wanted to add blinking LEDs to my bag so that cars and other riders can see me better at night, when i ride my bike.

These are the materials I used for this:
Blinking LED with batteries from radioshack. I also used 4 more LEDs, tape, some wire, solder, and solder iron.


I solder the wire directly to the radioshock LED circuit in parallel and then soldered LEDs to the wire in a parallel circuit.


I then slipped the lights inside the bag, made small holes for the LEDs to stick out and then hand sawed them in place to attach them.


so now I have a bag with blinking LEDs



4 in 4 project 3: Painting the Sleeping Angel

Friday, January 16th, 2009

For my third project I decided to make an oil painting. I had to dust off my pallet and set up my work space to accommodate for this. This is what my pallet looked like:


like any other time I have made a painting, Bunny (the cat) was very attentive and stood by in case I needed to consult him with important aesthetic decisions.


Normally I don’t sketch out what I have in mind for a painting. It seems that recently I have been sketching more often since I have no time to paint. This is a sketch of what I decided I was going to paint, I call this painting “The Sleeping Angel”


I decided to set up a live stream of me painting on that way people could see me painting. Midway trough the painting I decided to pop open a bottle of wine for inspiration and set up some light since it was beginning to get dark.


This is the almost finished product. I may do a couple of color touch ups in a week or so when the paint starts drying.


Making a database talk to Flash.

Wednesday, January 14th, 2009

Making a database talk to Flash.

These are the PHP files:
Note that the linkd are text files. Just download and rename to “.php” file by taking out the “.txt” part.

1. dataMonkey_xml5.php
2. dbInfo.php

The name of my table is “infoTable” which you will need to change to the name of your table in the XML section of the PHP (file 1). The XML section is the part below the ###### followed by # XML.
# signs in PHP is the comment command.

this is what my database looks like:

this is what the PHP file produces if you see it trough a browser window:

and this is what the source of the window looks like (XML gooness!):

this is a good video tutorial I found online:

Once you have your PHP/MySQL set up, which is XML in disguise, you will need the Flash.

The flash for now is just a file that imports the XML and is nothing fancy. I got this working with the help of a file that I made during a flash class at SVA. The originator of the file is Joshua Davis.

this is the Actionscript which you should add to the first frame of a new AS2 file. Paste this code in the first frame:

code is here

when you publish the file it should look like this:

Please excuse the smiley face since it is not needed.
so there you go! now you can use the variables for anything!

Last but not least, the actual flash file!

Oscar’s first 4-in-4 project!

Wednesday, January 14th, 2009

For my first project I decided to design a new background image for my web site,

I will be doing something more interesting today, like count how many fingers I have in my hand. Then again maybe i’ll do something else.

This is the Design:


these are some of the images that where used:






The image of the bee below is a translation of the bee in the image above. The image below was made using Flash and Illustrator.


I love the quality and form of black and white pinup images, so I included part of this image on the composition. I was a little hesitant to use this image because of copy right issues. I could not find the originator of the image or the copyright symbols anywhere. Since I am not selling the image or using it to sell anything it should be ok to use.

I also made a custom paint brush that uses this image:


And I guess i should show a screen shot of the way my window looks when I work on these designs, note the windows on the left. Layer galore!


Oscar’s Prediction of 2012.

Friday, January 9th, 2009


I have noticed that there has been an increased number of TV shows, books and publications putting emphasis on the year 2012. Its sort of like 1999 but there seems to be more “proof” that something out of this world will happen. It is believed that the Mayan calendar, Nostradamus, Ancient Egyptians, The Freemasons, and even the Bible “believe” that this year would be of importance to all of humanity. Some believe that this is the day Apocalypse will take place.
Others just believe that this will be a new era of the human intellect. Most people place special attention to Nostradamus’ quatrains. I checked them out but found nothing worth talking about. Although I did run into this interesting quatrain on Century X. Quatrains 92 and 93 stood out. This is why:
“Before his father the child will be killed,
The father afterwards between ropes of rushes:
The people of Geneva will have exerted themselves,
The chief lying in the middle like a log.”

“The new bark will take trips,
There and near by they will transfer the Empire:
Beaucaire, Arles will retain the hostages,
Near by, two columns of Porphyry found.”

Anyway, you can get your own impression of what I was thinking but this has nothing to do with 2012. It seems that everything is some type of made up story, so I am going to device my own prediction! Here it goes.

The year is 2012 and it seems like a normal year in the 21st century; war, famine, amazing increase in technology and cute puppies all around. On a clear star night people begin to notice that the brightest star(actually a planet) in the sky (Venus) is growing a tail and wings. As months pass by the size of the star grows, its not too long before the science community announces that the reason why Venus seems to be increasing in size is because a comet is in front of Venus heading our direction. They emphasize that the comet will not collide with earth and that people should not panic. The Comet is nicknamed Quetzalcoatl after the Aztec god.

What the science community does not realize right away is that the comet has a trajectory that will put it right between the sun and the earth for an extended period of time. This would normally not be a big deal except that the trajectory indicates that the comet will cast a shadow on the planet.

original image.

Earth will find itself in an Antumbra produced by the comet that will slowly and significantly decrease the average temperature of earth. Earth’s new solar energy harvesting systems begin to struggle and vegetation around the world think its autumn and begin to change shades.

original image.

It is not too long before earth begins to fall into a mini-ice age. Fossil fuels are the lifeline of civilization during these times. The production struggles to keep up with demand and swarms of people suffer the consequences. Just at the nick of time the comet goes out of range and lets light through to begin energizing earth again. A new era in humanity begins in a violent new climate and barren lands. The phenomenon had been seen before but memory forgets and cultures like the Olmec, Sumerians and Egyptians did not succeed in communicating their warning to our generation. Only a vague whisper withstood the grasp of time.

Milk And Honey Imports Site Update.

Friday, January 9th, 2009

Milk and Honey Imports is ready for Spring with the re-designed web site!


The Guggenheim’s 24-Hour Program on the Concept of Time

Wednesday, January 7th, 2009

I decided to go check out this exhibit last night which turned out to be a very interesting and informational event. I highly recommend this if the Guggenheim decided to do this again.

When I walked into the museum there was a projection of the movie Psycho in slow motion. There was a bunch of bean bags where people could lay down and watch the movie. The left side of the screen was showing the movie from beginning to end and the right side was showing it from end to beginning.


I then went to the theater downstairs to check out the speakers and performances. I managed to catch the music of David Grubbs and Angela Bulloch which was interesting but could not manage to sit trough the whole thing.


Somehow I ended up buying a minute of Agathe Snow’s life for a dollar which I happen to get a receipt for.

Vito Acconci took the stage and talked about his exploded architecture, moving malls, futuristic and alien looking structures.

Then out of nowhere there was a talk about a movie of Zidane the world renown soccer player. The speaker dove into the meaning of heroism and how it is tied to time.


The performance by Luke DuBois and Lesley Flanigan was pretty good his main point was long exposures of recorded sound? It was sort of like a feedback mechanism with some interesting video effects.


It hard to explain see for your self:

which brings me to Amy Herzog’s look into coin operated motion picture “peep” machines which I found really interesting. A topic that deals with voyeurism, surveillance and immersive experiences as a way to make money.


And last but not least is Liam Gillick who talked about the complexities of time and previous history.


Liam mentioned a book that I will have to get my hands on a read because it puts out a new theory on a doomsday scenario. The book talks about the sun all of the sudden not producing the energy we need to survive and the world going into a deep freeze. This is a very interesting point of view. One that needs to be looked into a little closer.

The name of the Book is “Underground (Fragments of Future Histories)” by Gabriel Tarde. Now if I can only get my hands on it.