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The Price of Innovation and Sharing.

Friday, December 11th, 2009

Youtube Doubler

For a long time the business model of a lot of companies and individuals has been to come up with a great idea, then keep it to your self. This act of proprietary ownership of an idea is deprecated and will only take you so far in this new age of open-source and sharing.

It would not be as intimidating to compete against one group of individuals, but how about a whole town, maybe a city? Well the open-source movement is bigger. It is global.

So what should companies focus their attention on and where should they invest? The answer is, invest in people, invest in tools.

Lets take Youtube for example. They quickly became the worlds fastest growing entertainment(if you want to call it that) and broadcasting social venue and continue growing because they gave people the ability to play with their product for free! Now that they are the front runner, they are not about to let innovation slip in between their fingers. They are giving everyone more of what they want; entertainment and tools to make new things. It is a symbiotic relationship.

Since Youtube has allowed people to play with Youtube’s content. Artists and technologists have made innovation of their own. Examples of this includes which is a webpage where you can play a bunch of Youtube videos simultaneously.

The funny thing about this is that one of my friends had the idea to make this, not in the same manner but very close. I told him at the time that I was sure a hundred other people thought about the same thing and maybe a couple have already built it. And then I saw the proof that I was right. is around 90% similar to my friends idea, there are a couple of things missing but it there, published, functioning, doing its thing.

This phenomenon is good for Youtube. Its free marketing and advertising for them. So what can they do to get bigger and more profitable? Keep people watching, using experimenting. But that is not all, they also need to change, stay ahead of the curve by making new additions to their offerings.

Youtube Direct will have a major impact on society and the Surveillance/Sousveillance trends.

Now Youtube is also working on the 3D technology which will be a huge market one the polarized LED monitors hit the market. You will be able to see 3d content by browsing the web! The technology is here and about to hit the market.

If you don’t have the 3D Monitors yet, you can use old school 3D red/blue glasses or the good old, cross eyed method to view stereoscopic images!

Blue/Red 3D Video.

Stereoscopic Video.

To find these experimental videos on youtube all you need to do is search for the tag
of these tags:

here are other sample videos:

Living Objects Reception

Sunday, December 6th, 2009

Jason Krugman’s Living Objects public art installation will be opening on Sunday, Dec 13th, 6pm. It is the first large public art installation in McCarren’s Park’s 100-year history. The Living Objects installation will be opening in McCarren Park at the corner of Union and Driggs in Brooklyn, NYC. A reception will follow at Light Up Brooklyn’s new location on North 11th between Bedford and Driggs.

Art as a Life Form

Thursday, December 3rd, 2009

Victimless Leather by TC&A

A couple of years ago, I remember toying with the idea of using living organisms to create art. I had a few different ideas that did not materialize. Specially after having a very tough time trying to define for my self what the moral/ethical limit of art.

~Guillermo Varga

After researching projects such as Guillermo Habacuc’s “Exposición N° 1″ (above) I had a more clear understanding of my stance on the matter of using animals as art.

~Damien Hirst

~Damien Hirst

Damien Hirst is also an artist that has made a large body of work with organisms including sharks, sheep and cattle to name a few. Both of these artist used animals as their subjects even-though their message was very different.

The digital age has brought us different concepts relating to art. New points of view regarding esthetics and the meaning of visual information has take a new direction. In the mid 1990s artists pioneered into the new world of digital information., and are groups that broke way from traditional art creation into the digital realm. Current art trends and our increase in technology and understanding of our world has lead many artist to branch out into various fields that where previously reserved for institutional research only, one of them being Biology.

Recent pioneers of this art include Eduardo Kac and his GFP BUNNY
Where the bunny’s genes where modified so that it adopted the gene found in jellyfish to make the bunny glow in the dark.

GFP BUNNY, Eduardo Kac

The Tissue Culture & Art (TC&A) Project is a group of people using Biology to create art. Victimless Leather is a project where leather is grown into a fully designed Garment. This project was shown at the Design and the Elastic Mind show at MoMA New York, USA

Victimless Leather, TC&A

MeArt is a semi-living artist which is part robot part neural tissue matter.

MEART, SymbioticA Research Group

MEART, SymbioticA Research Group

Earlier this year there was a iGEM competition at MIT, where collaborators from the University of Texas and UCSF unveiled their modified E. coli which acts like photographic film.

Engineered E. coli bacteria, UCSF and the University of Texas

Engineered E. coli bacteria, UCSF and the University of Texas

Latent Figure Protocol by Paul Vanouse, 2007 is a project that used the dna of organisms to create art. The DNA is processed with gel electrophoresis and shown via projection, live.

Video File

Latent Figure Protocol, Paul Vanouse, 2007

Latent Figure Protocol, Paul Vanouse, 2007

There are a variety of artists that have taken a path that some may consider a little extreme other may think its just, the moral discussion behind these works continues and artists keep pushing the limits of their craft. As progression of technology brings new understanding of life it also brings new methods and inspiration to create art.