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Post-Analog Fashion

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

I came across this video from Alexander McQueen’s fashion show:

It reminded me of the automated system in the commercial fashion world. Mass production of clothing is now a job for robots so why not give them a shot at making fashion too… Actually this performance is more that just a fashion statement, its a reflection of society and the integration of technology in our life.

Trends in fashion mirror trends in society. The current state of humanity is the adoption of technology to enhance our lives. Mobile technology, algorithms and micro-computing are allowing us to patch our personal flaws. Having bad memory is easily solved with a smart phone which can remember things for you or help you google something on the spot, so remembering something becomes a little trivial…

Elizabeth Fuller's Life Dress

Embedded technology will be the next generation of mobile tech. Just imagine a pice of clothing, kind of like Elizabeth Fuller’s “Life Dress” but who’s capabilities go beyond just emission of light. What if it was a reception-emission model. In other words, what if each little light in the dress also had sensors that would study your environment for you and then the dress tells you what it found out.

Maybe its co2 sensors that tell you that you may be in trouble like Kristin O’Freil’s CORSET which reacts to high levels of CO2

Kristin O'Freil's CORSET

Maybe its like Nike+ that has a little accelerometer in one of the silicone squares. Maybe every little square is a different sensor!

The bottom line is that the embedding of technology in our garments has great potential to extend our abilities to comprehend our world. It will also let us know great correlations from the data gathered from our behavior.

Sooner than later we will see Smart Clothes which will be replacing our dumb clothing. I can’t wait for my self drying vest to go with my hover board!! =)

Great thanks to Mr. McQueen for laying the foundation for this great movement in the fashion world.

Red Bull’s Map of Street Art

Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

There is a growing trend in mapped data and user generated geo-location content. Red Bull commissioned a web site that shows street art in the street view of google maps. This is a pretty nifty concept, the only problem is that street art has a fast turn around and if you want to see the art in real life, you may not find the art because the image is outdated.

Badger will have a hard time competing for attention with all these applications being made by companies with big budgets. At least we know we are on to something interesting that others are thinking about.

Click on the image to check out badger’s current street art submissions:

Robot Pong!

Sunday, April 3rd, 2011

This system is tracking the ball the same way that Jackoon gets tracked when its painting; with cameras on the ceiling!

And then you have to see the artistic interpretation of the project! =)

The Bee Hive Is Not As Active

Sunday, April 3rd, 2011

Its been a crazy year with lots of things happening. The launch of a new version of Badger at SxSW, work at Grey and managing a few other projects does not leave much time for sleep.
For some reason I keep putting my blogging at the end of the list when it should be closer to the top.

Expect to see more random posts that make no sense a lot of the time.