Jackoon the Painting Machine

I decided to name my painting machine Jackoon which is a combination of the names Jackson from Jackson Pollock and Kooning for Willem de Kooning. I feel the name is appropate since they the made work similar to the work my machine is creating. The abstract, gestural, expressionism-like paintings are a result of the simple algorithm that makes Jaskoon paint.

I set up Jackoon in an installation at ITP; for the class Living Art. The installation consists of a firewire digital camera, the Jackoon circuit, a painting ring, a fixed MacBook Pro and Mr. Jackoon himself. I served as the assistant to Mr. Jackoon as he painted a magnificent piece called “The Creator” 2008.

This is a picture of the set up.

Jackoon the Painting Machine

Video Tracking System:


This is the artist and his work:


This is what Jackoon sees:


This is the resulting art by Jackoon:

painting by painting machine, Jackoon
“The Creator” 2008
Acrylic on Paper, 40″ x 70″

This is a video of what Jackoon sees:

This is a video of Jackoon painting:

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