Stupid Bike Thieves!

Oscar's Bike, stolen wheel and seat

This pretty much illustrates my current level of karma in life. Things are bad, And getting worse. Following your dreams and passions is not always the easiest path, in my case it’s been super difficult. I woke up today to find my bike missing a wheel and the seat, awesome! [sarcasm]. Even with a secondary chain through the seat and the back wheel. The bastard got it!

I’m not sure why but I tend to take these situations and reverse the psychology. I think this is my form of self-preservation. In my head, my bike was stripped overnight because I was not ment to ride to the office, on that beautiful day. Maybe it was the universe saving me from another potentially life-threatening bike accident, like last year (my bike was totaled and I took a fun trip to the emergency room).

Bike after accident, notice the handlebar and seat.

Maybe I was supposed to experience a walk to the office, then, at that moment, at that time, when I’m down and pressured to the breaking point. Or at least the point where most people would experience “the straw that broke the camel’s back”. Maybe my camel is already on the ground all broken up. At that point maybe a blanketing of hay may seem a bit comforting.

Having my health, family and being in this awesome place we call world. There is very little that really matters outside of that. It’s amazing to be able to point in any direction that looks interesting and then walk towards that spot, freely, curiously, no expectations and no worries (kind of like writing a blog post with out worrying about grammar…). Because it’s life and some of us are free.

So I walked, towards the direction that seemed most interesting. The one I wanted to explore. The sunshine looking out for me and I looking for the sunshine. The temperature was just right, not cold nor hot. Not windy but a subtle breeze, no foul summer smells, only fresh earthy scent and the occasional blossom’s perfume. As I walked through Willoughby around Waverly and under the BQE, I was present. Present in the moment, looking around, experiencing, scrutinizing and observing. The Skyline, the architecture, the stories of generations, the textures of urban decay and the sprouting of new systems and technologies, as they are being installed.

While walking, wondering how it’s possible to fall into a routine that prevents you from exploring. Wondering how much exploring someone can do with comfort or without.

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